• Mike Rinder


    Cathy Rinder

    Turning his back on a son with life-threatening cancer

    A few months after Mike left us, our son, at the age of 24, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Mike never responded to the letters I wrote to inform him of this. Benjamin needed all the help and attention I could give him.

    Cathy Rinder

    Using his daughter to flirt with girls

    The only time Mike seemed to show interest in our daughter was when he thought he could use it to flirt with girls. I went to get our daughter from the nursery one night and I was told Mike took her. I went to the Lounge/Bar where I found Mike.

    Cathy Rinder

    Mike Rinder violently shaking his infant daughter

    One night our infant daughter Taryn cried in the middle of the night and I didn’t get up fast enough. She was really loud. As I got up Mike jumped out of the bed. He picked up Taryn and started to shake her hard, yelling at her to shut up. I ran over and grabbed Taryn away from him.

    Cathy Rinder

    Too busy for the birth of his child

    When I went into labor I called Mike who said he was too busy. I was about to give birth to our first child, and he showed no interest or emotion. I actually walked to the hospital by myself in labor and checked myself in.

    Cathy Rinder

    Mike Rinder treated me like dirt when I was pregnant

    Mike Rinder barely spoke to me when I was pregnant with our daughter. He was always upset, never supportive or asking how I was doing. I kept asking him about this. Once he told me to quit asking him questions and ordered me out of the room and to leave him alone.

    Cathy Rinder

    The day Mike Rinder physically assaulted me

    When I finally saw Mike Rinder, he violently grabbed my left wrist, my lower forearm and my right forearm near the elbow. My husband of 35 years was physically assaulting me. I tried to get away from him. He would not let go, and the intense pressure was so severe the pain was killing me.

    Taryn Teutsch

    The abusive father. What it was like growing up as Mike Rinder’s daughter

    Child abuse takes many forms. It can be violence, neglect or years of abusive comments from a loveless parent who believes his children can do nothing right. That’s Mike Rinder. He’s a cold-hearted man, especially to his own children.

    Cathy Rinder

    Married to a bully. What it was like being Mike Rinder’s wife. The story of an abusive relationship.

    Like countless abused women, I stayed way too long with my now ex-husband. In fact, it was 35 years. You’ve heard similar stories before. I thought he would change. I worried about my kids. I believed in the institution of marriage.